Robotic Welding Technology

We have 12 robotic MIG & TIG welding cells available across the Group, alongside various automated welding systems and over 150 highly-skilled welders/fabricators.

Our capacity includes a large gantry robotic welding cell capable of welding structures up to 8m long and an automated hull/turret welding system with 6 axis robotic arm and 90 degree down weld.

Over the past few years, WEC Group has made substantial investments in the latest robotic welding technology as a way of improving our manufacturing speed and accuracy, as well as minimising costs for our global customer base.

We are accredited to BS EN 1090, and are one of the few UK companies certified to BS EN 3834-2 for fabrication and welding of stainless steel, ferritic steels and aluminium for use in the defence, offshore, construction and rail industries.

Advantages of Robotic Welding

Consistent Quality & Repeatability
Our robotic welding cells perform repeated operations for long periods of time whilst still providing a consistent level of quality. Automation gives customers confidence that the quality of welds will be of the highest standard every time.

Reduced Waste
When consistent quality is produced, it means there is little to no scrap/waste due to incorrect welds - something that is especially important when working on a high value job that requires a quick turnaround.

Increased Product Manufacturing Flexibility
Robotic welding cells can weld 3 - 5 times faster than manual welders and they add flexibility to a production line. Once programmed, the machines can easily switch between processes meaning we are able to meet changes in product design or customer demand efficiently.

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