High Definition Plasma Cutting with Bevel Capability

We specialise in plasma cutting which is an efficient profiling method for stainless steel, mild and carbon steels as well as aluminium components.

Our state-of-the-art high definition plasma cutting technology has a large format cutting area of 25m x 5m with twin cutting head capability, allowing high speed and cost effective cutting of components up to 50mm thick.

In addition, our plasma cutting machines run continuously with the capability to cut both chamfers up to +/- 40 degrees.

The plasma cutters have been designed to cut on one side of the machine whilst operators unload the other, enabling us to offer the most competitive HD plasma cutting services in the country.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting

  • Rapid cutting speed
  • Ability to cut through a wide range of materials and thicknesses
  • HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) is narrow

Recent developments in high definition plasma cutting processes has significantly improved the quality and precision, eliminating the need for edge dressing.

For Plasma Cutting Enquiries,

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