Aluminium Manufacturing Capabilities

DNA Metalwork has the capacity to provide a wide range of Aluminium Sheet Metalwork at our state-of-the-art facility. We continue to provide high-quality manufacturing services to our customers.

Aluminium is a light weight metal with a light silver and highly reflective appearance. It is a naturally corrosive resistant metal as it generates a protective layer from the environment, making it ideal for uses in various industries, such as Rail, Hospitality, Nuclear, Aerospace and many more.

We have a wide range of Aluminium capabilites at our state of the art facility, which include laser cutting, fabrication, cnc bending, machining to name but a few. We have the capacity to laser cut various grades of Aluminium including 1050, 5083, 6082, 5251 and 6061, as well as specialist Aluminium such as Armoured Aluminium.

With 18 press brakes available in-house, including two 640 tonne robotic press brakes, we have the capability to press Aluminium parts up to 7.2m wide and 60mm thick.

For Aluminium Enquiries,

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